Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

How often should I clean my septic tank?

Every 1-2 years is best for the extended life of your tank and worry free usage.


Is it worth getting a clean out installed if I don't currently have one?

Absolutely. Any pathway that gives access into the lines leading to and from the tank will save time and money when fixing clogs or other repairs.


If I don't treat my tank, will bacteria still form?

Bacteria will still form, but not as well as using booster from an outside chemical. Not having a healthy bacteria working tank will cause toilet paper and solids to break down more slowly and instigate frequent problems.


I don't have trees positioned close to my tank or within 50 feet. Is Copper Sulfate still necessary?

Yes! Even though trees arent close they will still look for the best available water source and will grow roots great distances to (and even through the walls of tanks) to find water.


Is it okay to use Yeast in my tank?

Yes, but even though yeast will create a spreading bacteria in your tank it wont keep your tank as clean as using a product like Bio-Active. It also doesnt work as well when it comes to keeping powerful bacteria in your latteral lines to keep them free and clean.


Is it bad to allow my tank to ride high and not clean it on a regular basis?

Yes!  Allowing a tank to operate above normal water level will put unnecessary pressure on baffles and PVC.  Plus, the chemicals in the septic will eat away at concrete creating future problems and repairs.



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