Lagoon Installations

A Step by Step Guide to Installing your Lagoon

Step 1

Sunflower will construct the lagoon to code on your premises (M30, M40, M50, etc.)

Step 2

We trench a line from your home or sewer clean-out to your new lagoon, ensuring the proper slope. We make a sand bed to level the line, then install durable schedule 40 PVC pipe.

Step 3

We install a clean-out port every 100' to ensure easy access for future cleanings.

Step 4

We install cinder blocks at the bottom of your lagoon to ensure your line stays in place.

Step 5

We install a sturdy, wire mesh fence around the perimeter with solid corner posts cemented into the ground.

Step 6

We install an easy-access gate.

Step 7

We seed the berm soil.

Step 8